Lymphatic Drainage Massage

CharSpa Of Houston is a post-op and massage professional dedicated to your total wellness. We provide a range of services, whether to help heal a patient’s chronic illness or if you need pain therapy sessions. We can offer you a lymphatic drainage massage, which will rid your body of toxins. This gentle massage will encourage natural lymph drainage in your body, which carries waste products. Lymphatic drainage is vital to your overall health because ridding your body of lymph will remove the waste from the tissues back toward the heart. This type of massage is ideal for after-surgery or plastic surgery patient care. Whether you’re recovering from surgery, tummy tuck, liposuction, BBL, or breast augmentation, lymphatic drainage can help speed up the healing process. Our post surgery care includes a drainage massage, radiofrequency and red light (LED) treatments, wood therapy, and fascia blasting for recovery. We can also provide lymphatic drainage sessions for all your pain relief needs. You can count on us to treat the root symptoms and causes of your body’s aches and pains and provide much-needed stress relief. Contact us in the Houston, TX area today if you are interested in cleaning out your system with a lymphatic drainage massage.