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 Relaxation Massage

CharSpa Of Houston believes in prioritizing personal wellness, and an excellent way to do that is by getting a professional relaxation massage with us. If you are exceptionally busy or stressed, we have just what you need. We invite you to pamper yourself to a relaxing massage, including a heated table, spa sounds, a hot sauna, and aromatherapy. You will feel your worries drift away! We provide a wide variety of massages to address your different needs. We offer a hot stone massage, in which we apply warmed stones to the upper back, backside, and legs to allow heat to transfer into the muscles for deeper relaxation and tension release. If you’re expecting, we offer a pregnancy massage to promote better circulation, reduce swelling, and release tension as the baby grows. In addition, we also offer a Swedish massage or a couples massage. If you can’t make it to our spa, we can give you an in-home massage. Our team will travel to you, set up the table, and perform any spa service at your location. Everyone deserves to relax with a soothing massage no matter where they are. Schedule your appointment with us in the Houston, TX area today and get the stress relief you need.